Friday, November 5, 2010

The gallery is rehung with new arrivals from our amazing stable of artists......Please stop by to view
four new oils by painter, Eleinne Basa. She delivered two smaller works, 6x8, and two 18x24. Basa's delicate and painterly style gives the viewer a dreamy and romantic visual that soothes the
soul and the mind.

New pastels from Marge Levine and Anna Wainright, and there are stunning NYC scenes from
both Cynthia A. Dawley and Michael Budden.

As always, we have delightful Expressionist works from Hanneke deNeve. I've had the honor of
representing Hanneke for nearly 25 years, and her work still surprises and fascinates me. There
is a range of pieces available, beginning at $100......great prices for Holiday gifts!

See you this weekend at the Artful Deposit late Friday night until at least 9pm,
Saturday opening early at 11am, and Sunday at noon!

Have a wonderful and Artful Day! cj

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