Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello to all the Art Lovers viewing this blog! Another luscious pastel delivered from New Jersey
based artist, Marge Levine. This small, but powerful NJ landscape is custom framed and
commanding quite a presence on the gallery wall. Stop by to see this painting, and other works by
this nationally recognized pastel artist.

It seems like Holiday decorations are starting to pop up in the big box stores and now on Farnsworth Avenue! Yikes! I better get in gear at the Artful Deposit, and see what's still lighting
up from last year, and what we need new of! Reminds me to remind you that we have hand crafted
windchimes by local artisan, Carole Debord, and I'll let you know when the signed books by
Gennady Spirin arrive. This year, we're presenting, "Little Red Riding Hood."

Hope to see you on the Avenue soon! and as always, Have an Artful Day! cj

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