Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coming in all the way from Jackson, Wyoming.....two sensational new oils by Artful Deposit Gallery artist, Sarah J. Webber. I'm hoping that "My Fuzzy Ears" 10x8, and "Pretty Red Head" 12x16, arrive today so I can give them prominent display as "New Arrivals" from one of our western
painters. Whenever I receive new works from either Sarah J. Webber (AZ and WY) and Richard
McKinley (OR), it feels like Christmas morning! The unpacking and "first viewing" always gives
me a chill!

This should be a big weekend in Bordentown City...kicking off on Friday evening with the 1st
Annual Holiday Spirit Walk, sponsored by the Downtown Bordentown Association. Stop by the
Artful Deposit and check out the gallery-wide two-day promotion!

Enjoy your day, and may you make it an Artful one!


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