Dear CJ,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you did at my home hanging my art works. My house is now my home,showing my personal taste in life to all those who enter. I must say, I was a bit apprehensive on how my opinion would fit into your opinion on where all the art pieces would go in my home.

Let me tell you CJ,it was a pleasure dealing with you. You made me feel like my opinion counted and every idea was open for a discussion. The house, the art, as well as your expert ideas made it all come together.

I am really proud of what I have on the walls in my home and how it looks thanks to you.

As usual, I will always be a client of The Artful Deposit and recommend your "art placement service" for the home or commercial building to anyone who has the need to enjoy art but does not have an idea of how to place it on the walls for their total enjoyment .

I owe you so may thank you's...........you really know your business.

Your Client,
Stan Bortnowski Sr.

"We sincerely thank you for your assistance in helping us to divest some of our art work, specifically, the eight Joe Dawley works. You are a true professional, a pleasure to deal with, and a genuinely warm person. Payments were made promptly on any given sale(s). Your insuring the items while they were in your possession was thoughtful. And, you called whenever there was a situation that needed resolution. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience even as we were saddened at the sale of the Dawley's. Again, we're sorry this note took so long to be written. May you enjoy continued success with you galleries." — Penny and Richard Beers

Honesty, integrity, where can these traits be found today?
The Artful Deposit, CJ in particular, has earned my trust, my recommendation, this testimonial...

Two years ago, having found The Artful Deposit on the Internet, CJ, thru phone conversations, mailings, appraisal, & a singular meeting, produced trust with her comfortable control of expectation. Without further recommendation or second thought, this then desperate novice agreed to be represented by The Artful Deposit.

...We lost contact with one another, for a good period of time, about a year, my fault. One Sunday afternoon, going through some papers, finding the receipt, I visit The Artful Deposit web site & see the piece is still there & is being featured in an exhibit. A few days later CJ contacts me seeking permission...

Seeing how I easily should have been a victim, I could not be more satisfied!

Honesty, integrity, where can these traits be found today?
Within The Artful Deposit, with CJ in particular!