Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Portrait of Susan," sculpture in ceramic with cement base by the late James Colavita

Hello to Art Lovers and Gallery Fans!!! One week from today we will be getting ready for our big celebration at the Trenton City Museum in the Ellarslie Mansion!

"Twenty Five Years of the Artful Deposit at Ellarslie," will open on Saturday, June 18th from 7-9pm. All participants and Museum members are invited to arrive at 6pm for a special preview hour.

There will be 21 artists presented in this exhibition....some have been with the Artful Deposit Gallery for 25 years, such as Hanneke deNeve, Marge Levine, and Ken McIndoe. Several artists have been in our permanent stable for over 15 years, namely, Mike Budden, Patrick Antonelle, Joseph WIlliam Dawley (1936-2008), and Gary Bykowsky. And then there are artists that are newly presented at the gallery within the past 2 years such as Richard McKinley, PSA, Sarah J. Webber, Eleinne Basa, and Anna Wainright.

We hope to see you at the Ellarslie Mansion on June 18th, and then plan to "Stay Artful" that evening, and go over to "ART ALL NIGHT," the 24 hour art show, also in the City of Trenton.

Be well and Be Artful!

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