Monday, May 23, 2011

"Twenty Five Years of the Artful Deposit at Ellarslie"

Hello Art Lovers and Gallery Fans....I'm going to start to give you some "teasers" for our incredible
Ellarslie Museum show opening on June 18th. The Artful Deposit Gallery is celebrating its silver anniversary this year and the feature exhibition will present over 20 artists from the gallery's
permanent stable of artists.

I've been so fortunate to represent amazing talent from right from the beginning in 1986, such as
Hanneke deNeve, Marge Levine, and Ken McIndoe. Then I was given the career changing opportunity to represent Joseph and Gigi Dawley in 1991, which led to representing their talented
daughter Cynthia as well....

The past 15 years has contributed to the building of an ever-evolving structure resulting in what I believe to be the
strongest permament stable of artists in the region. We boast Internationally acclaimed talent
such as Russian born, Gennady Spirin, and artists with significant National presence such
as Richard McKinley, Sarah J. Webber, Michael Budden, Patrick Antonelle, and Eleinne Basa.
We have the signature works of Thomas Kelly, Louis Russomanno, Eric Gibbons, Eugene Maziarz, and Ken Maag,
and enjoy the journey once again through the new and brilliant works of emerging artist, Anna Wainright.

In preparation for "Twenty Five Years of the Artful Deposit at Ellarslie," I am seeing the gallery's
growth through more mature eyes. I am extremely proud of the 3 dimensional work we will be
presenting, with the inclusion of sculptures in clay from the late James Colavita and Sally Brennan, and the contemporary sculptures by Gary Bykowsky and pottery by Ericka O'Rourke.

Please bookmark June 18th to be at the Trenton City Musuem in the Ellarslie Mansion, from 6-9pm. Then it's "ART ALL NIGHT" in Trenton as well! So plan on spending a very Artful Evening in the City of Trenton on June 18th!

"Twenty Five Years of the Artful Deposit at Ellarslie" (June 18th - July 24th)


  1. It is an absolute honor to be a part of this special anniversary and be among such talented artists! I cannot wait for the opening!

  2. Cant wait to see all the new work!