Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Spring Moonrise," by Eleinne Basa

Welcome, Spring! Actually, it has felt a bit like Summer the past few days. I wanted to share one of the recent arrivals by gallery artist, Eleinne Basa.....

"Spring Moonrise," is a 24x26 oil that is in a stunning 23kt gold leaf frame that was hand carved and gilded especially for Eleinne by an artisan from out west.

Talk about atmosphere! This
painting awakens all of your senses. Her palette has a richness and warmth that seemingly draws the viewer in and then completely envelops you.....

I recently had a visit from wonderful gallery patrons/friends that enjoy collecting many of the talented artists
represented at the Artful Deposit. They have been getting familiar with Basa's work, and very happily put a few pieces into their exquisite collection. Their observation is that Eleinne paints in the
Traditional style of the Old Masters, but then gives you something more......

Please stop in the gallery to view "Spring Moonrise" or call me for further details at 609 298 6970.

Have a great day, and may it be an Artful one!

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