Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Ready, Set, Hop" by Sarah J. Webber

How much is that Bunny in the window? The one that just arrived from Tucson, Arizona?! Well, this sweet oil portrait by Sarah J. Webber is available for purchase and is a perfect piece to acquire this Spring! "Ready, Set, Hop," is a 10x10 oil/board and is framed in a dark wood.

Sarah joined the Artful Deposit last May as a guest artist for the West Comes East exhibit, and has been in our permanent stable of artists ever since. Her paintings of burros, coyotes, cows, and bunnies are both precious and inviting at the same time.

Stop by the gallery as we're open into the evenings from Thursday through Sunday, or call me at 609 298 6970 for more information.

Enjoy the sunshine today, and make your day an Artful one!

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