Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Wind Walker" sculpture by Gary Bykowsky

Here she is.....Woman. Powerful, strong, full of purpose. "Wind Walker," is the latest sculpture in steel by Roebling, New Jersey artist, Gary Bykowsky. This magnificent and graceful piece is nearly 24" high and demands your attention the second you are near her.

I've had the honor of representing Gary for over 15 years, and had the pleasure of placing many
of his fabulous sculptures into collections throughout the Tri-State area. (for those of you out of the Northeast region, that means New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York). Gary keeps his work ever evolving, and it's interesting to see that both men and women are attracted to his sculptures. Gary recently did a series that was completely made of tools, nuts, and bolts.
"Tooling Around," and "Screwball," are still available at the Artful Deposit, and well worth a visit.

Hope to see you soon! and have an Artful evening........

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