Monday, March 14, 2011

"Shale Bar," by Russomanno

Wow....what impact. When Louis Russomanno delivered two new oil and collage works this past weekend, I was stunned by my reaction when first seeing them. I actually gasped. "Shale Bar," is an oil, with collage on board and this 32x40 piece is housed in a simple yet strong black wood frame. The painting of the figure has the expected Russomanno "touch", but it's the placement of the figure in the piece that intrigues me.....the painter brings you right to the edge of the roof, above the city block, while the construction worker remains casual and calm in his environment.

I hope you can stop in to view, "Shale Bar," and "The White Shirt," as the gallery will be open Tuesday through Sunday, and by appointment. Call me at 609 298 6970 for further details.

PS I will be posting a pic of "The White Shirt" in my next blog later today..........

Be cool and stay Artful! cj


  1. Correction to this information...."Shale Bar," is an acrylic,collage/board.
    Thank you, Louis for the call!

  2. Will stop in to see all May.