Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"The Trapper" by Joseph William Dawley (1936-2008)

"The Trapper", c.1993 is a fabulous Impressionist oil/board by the late Joseph William Dawley, 1936-2008. This painting literally whisks you down the river as you feel the cold air swirl
around you and the Trapper navigates his canoe away from the Native American riverbank camp.......

This painting graces the front easel as you enter the Artful Deposit Gallery and is one of the
largest available works of Joe's presently on display. I remember when he completed "The Trapper," and his family and I were so thrilled that he painted such a large, atmospheric piece. Having had battled Parkinson's Disease since 1975, "The Trapper" is another outstanding example of Dawley's mastery of color and light, and his years as an Impressionist painter.

For more information regarding "The Trapper", call me at the gallery 609 298 6970 or stop by.

There is a Chocolate Walk on Friday, 12/10 beginning at 6pm in some participating businesses
on Farnsworth Avenue!

Here's to a Chilly, but Artful Day! cj

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  1. It is fabulous and it's sold! What a lucky person to have this Dawley in his/her collection!