Friday, December 3, 2010

The Rabbis" by Joseph William Dawley (1936-2008)

Over the past 24 years of owning the Artful Deposit Gallery I experienced of course, some wonderful highs and some sobering lows. I've met some incredible people and some artists with
extraordinary talent. One of the highlights of my art career was when I met Joseph WIlliam Dawley and his wife, Gigi. The Dawley's took a chance with my fledgling gallery back in 1991, and together
we built a reputation for his available works at the Artful Deposit Gallery. I am now fortunate to
continue to represent not only Joseph, but his talented daughter, Cynthia as well. You can view
The Life of Joseph William Dawley via my website at

There are often Dawley pieces for sale at the gallery from collectors and/or estates, so visit the
The Artful Deposit and/or check my website at

Above is a Dawley oil, "The Rabbis," c1993 in a stunning gold gild frame.

Hope you're already having an Artful Day!


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  1. I love the Rabbi's wise and thoughtful.