Sunday, December 19, 2010

"The Soloist" by Louis Russomanno

Mr. Russomanno is a Central NJ based painter and he's been represented by the Artful Deposit
Gallery for nearly 2 years. Louis is massively talented, and since he is self taught, he proves a theory
of mine....When someone is truly an artist, their talent is innate. Techniques can be taught, color theory learned, etc....but the true eye of the artist, and their
particular touch of the hand comes from within. The instinct of the artist is a special gift, and
Louis Russomanno is certainly gifted.

"The Soloist" is 28x38, oil/linen/board, and you can view this exquisite painting at the gallery.

Have a Truly Artful Day!


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  1. Sorry I missed the Saturday event. Maybe I can catch to the videos he will show. Keep me (us) posted. Thanks, CJ He is truly gifted and amazing.