Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Building Your Fine Art Collection

Hello to All Art Lovers and Fans of the Artful Deposit! Over the years, I've been fortunate to meet people who are true patrons of the arts! They not only admire the talent of artists, they
carefully select and collect art works to enjoy throughout their lifetime. These types of people truly embrace the meaning of Artful Living.....

Although a few may purchase art as only a long-term investment, I encourage people to "buy what they
love" and the investment aspect will hopefully develop over time anyway. Since the buying of fine art is
often dictated by one's financial situation, I further suggest that patrons try to purchase a piece annually if possible. This is a great way to build your personal collection and make an
annual, or "year-end" investment that you can put funds aside for. Whether that means you're
spending $75.00, $750.00 or $7,500.00, if you treat yourself to one or several artworks a year, you've created an exciting, yet personalized way to build your fine art collection.

The Artful Deposit Gallery further offers the purchaser a wide array of artists to choose from.
We boast representation for emerging artists that are newer on the gallery scene, to already established artists. "The Ballerina" by Joseph William Dawley (shown above) is an example of an
available piece by this great American painter (1936-2008) that dates back to the artist's early,
Traditional works.

The gallery has standard gallery hours and I encourage people to make appointments to discuss
either the beginning of, or the Building of their Fine Art Collection.

Have an Artful Evening!


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