Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Morning to all Artful Deposit Fans and collectors of Thomas Kelly works in acrylic.....
As promised, Tom is delivering his latest painting, "Corner Cafe", a 30x24 original acrylic on canvas to the gallery today! This lively, narrative piece once again invites the viewer into the scene to
create their own story of what is happening. Tom Kelly has been represented at the Artful Deposit
for nearly 12 years, and I have yet to hear him offer an explanation of what his works "mean." He
very much enjoys the viewers participation with their interpretations, and often listens intently with
an enigmatic smile as people tell him their thoughts......

Maybe Tom will add a comment to this blog and give us some more insight into his very original and engaging works......

Have a wonderful and safe and joyous Thanksgiving!!!! and we'll see you this weekend at the
Artful Deposit Gallery! Be Artful! Buy Local! and Have an Artful Day!



  1. It is true. I never speak about the paintings. But just this time I will say ...........

  2. Can I ask for some input on Tom's work from one of his Fans / Collectors?