Sunday, March 5, 2017

"The Season of New Beginnings....".

Looking forward to this Spring, 2017 more than I ever remember before. I wonder if it is the freshness of Spring rain, young greens and buds, and the promise of new growth and new beginnings.

The Artful Deposit Gallery is filled with original works by artists that have continual representation. We pride ourselves with offering some of the strongest talent in the nation, and have acquired several artists that enjoy international acclaim. The gallery is committed to assisting the seasoned collector and we welcome the beginning collector to our pocket gallery with the stunning walls of gold. Appointments are available to explore your art interests and make your first art selection an exciting and informed one.

Make Spring, 2017 the Season of New Beginnings for yourself and for the Arts! Make an "art date" to a museum or gallery. Support live theater and dance. Make it a point to hear live music, and see if you can incorporate artists into your next event.

We look forward to your visit at 142 Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown City, New Jersey! and as always, I wish you a very Artful day!!!


*"Evening Moonlight,"  6x8 oil/board by Michael Budden
*"Grand Canyon," 20x24 oil/canvas by Ken McIndoe
*"The Chest," 36x36 oil/canvas by Louis Russomanno

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