Friday, September 18, 2015

"The Road to Hammonton," by Marge Levine, PSA

On this beautiful late Summer morning of September 18th, 2015, we say so long for now to a magnificent artist, mentor, and friend, Marge Levine. I have had the honor of friendship and gallery relationship with Marge since 1987.  I will cherish every memory we made together for she was one of the artists that took me under her wing and helped "raise me up" in the art world.

Marge was my mentor and encouraged me through the toughest times of the gallery's career. She spent hours on the phone, always listening and attentive, and no matter what, she helped me face the challenge and move forward.  It was also a treat to watch Marge as she transformed through her artistry from printmaking, etching, illustration, and then grandly landing into the world of plein air and studio pastel painting. And did she clearly arrive....from the beginning to quickly achieving PSA status and national acclaim.

There are many aspects of Marge Levine that I know people will cherish forever.....Her talent and wisdom and frankness and courage will be admired like no other.  Yet it was Marge's ability to applaud another artist that spoke of the security she had in her own talents. This is one of the most unique qualities I have every witnessed.  To her artist friends, please know, she adored you and cheered you on the loudest. Your achievements were as important to her as her own. That quality is the rarest of gems.....

And to Marge's husband, George, and family, we send you our love and Blessings, and thank you for sharing this beautiful woman with us and our little "family of artists," here at the Artful D.

Much love,

CJ and Leon

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