Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Along the Way, Chesterfield, NJ"

Have you ever met someone and felt that you have known them for your whole life? Such was the case when I met the incredibly talented artist, Marge Levine. Marge walked into my first gallery location nearly 27 years ago, and our friendship and artist-gallery relationship began. It has and continues to be an honor to represent Marge and also to bear witness to her personal journey as an artist.

Marge Levine is one of the three pastel painters represented at the Artful Deposit Gallery. She, along with Anna Wainright and Richard McKinley are in the Pastel Society of America, and although they work in the same medium, they all enjoy their own signature style. Marge recently delivered five new works including the above landscape inspired by her visit through Chesterfield, New Jersey.

Marge's paintings are sought after by many collectors. She enjoys travelling and many of us get to visit England, Maine, and California through the beautiful and atmospheric works that Marge brings home. Sometimes I think I could just "smell the day," by the way she brings you into a painting.

There are nearly a dozen of Marge Levine paintings at the gallery, and keeping the sizes 16x20 and smaller, they are available in a reachable price range. All of her work is custom framed using special glass for works on paper.

Please visit us at 201 Farnsworth Avenue, and surround yourself with the beauty and joy of Marge Levine.

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  1. I'm blushing, thank you. I am continually trying, with every painting, to make it "my masterpiece". I have never attained that dream, although I am always working
    toward that end, and learning more and more along the way. In my 27 years with the Artful Deposit, CJ has been encouraging and helpful, it has been a really good
    relationship for which I am truly grateful.