Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Gala, 2/9/13 is on!!!


"Winter Brook," oil by C.A. Dawley is one of the WInter gems that are waiting for you at the gallery.
We are still anticipating a great let it snow! Our ice sculptor, Zig Targonski has called me and we decided that will be proceed as planned and go into Sunday, 2/10/13, if we must.

Come out, stop by, come by sled or snowshoes if you have to....the HOB Tavern is catering so its some
delicious food, and Windy Hill Alpaca Farms came by today, so Jackie will be inside with me offering
you all the amazing alpaca stuff that she has!!!

See you tomorrow at the Artful D!!! Be there and Be Artful!!!


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