Friday, December 14, 2012

Bayonet Farm 3, by Marge Levine, PSA

It happens with every artist. No matter who they are or the level of talent they have...every once in a
while they create a piece that is masterful and amazing and just tugs at your senses. Such is the case
with "Bayonet Farm 3," by Marge Levine.

Marge participated in a plein air event held at Bayonet Farm this past Autumn. This stunning 9x12 pastel was awarded First Place, Plein Air Magazine Award in the timed plein air category.
Plein Air Editor, Steve Doherty and gallery owner, James Yarosh made the selections in this
annual event.

Marge Levine has been a gallery represented artist at the Artful Deposit since 1987, and it is with great honor and pride that I boast about her talent and the accomplishments she has made and continues to make in her career. She also happens to be an incredible woman.

This perfect pastel is available at the gallery, and would be the perfect gift of fine art for yourself or
that perfect someone in your life.

We hope to see you at the Artful Deposit this weekend!

Keep it Artful!


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  1. Thanks to CJ for all her support through the years.