Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Marsh Light," by Eleinne Basa

What a lovely painting to wake up to...."Marsh Light," was delivered yesterday to the Artful Deposit
by nationally celebrated painter, Eleinne Basa. This 26x28 oil is complete with the softness and
illumination that is Basa's signature style. It almost takes me to the Dream state as I sit with this
piece. It's quiet and soothing and colorful.  Please stop by to see this new arrival along with more
paintings by Eleinne Basa.

The Gallery will be open all weekend! Fridays we tend to stay late, often until 10pm, and I will be
posting extended Summer hours to begin after the July 4th Holiday.

Save the date! Friday, July 13th for the opening of our next exhibit, " Along the Delaware River and
Crosswicks Creek." We will be featuring some of the gallery represented artists such as Mike Budden, Jeff Gola, Eleinne Basa, Ken McIndoe, Hanneke deNeve, Marge Levine, and Anna
Wainright. Also featuring our Guest Painter, A.R. Tucker, and award winning decoy carver, John

Hope to see you at the Artful Deposit Gallery this weekend! Enjoy your day and may it be an
Artful one!

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