Saturday, December 10, 2011

Russomanno's latest, "Street Jack"

And so it begins....another Holiday Season. I think I've heard more "Shopping Tips" and "Retail Coaching" for the Holiday shopper this year than ever before. From "Buy Small and Stay Local" to "Buy Less Gifts and Get More for Your Money," etc. etc. etc. Yikes! Can't we make it simple?

I realized inside the Artful Deposit the purchasing "tips" are pretty much the same now as in the beginning: "Buy an Original piece of Quality Fine Art that you really love, and that you can afford to own, and enjoy it for the rest of your days."

I am proud to say the gallery is filled with incredible pieces by some of your favorite NJ Based artists such as pastelists Marge Levine and Anna Wainright, oil painters Eleinne Basa, Ken McIndoe, and Mike Budden, and the strong works in metal by Roebling, NJ sculptor, Gary Bykowsky. The magical watercolors and signed prints by Gennady Spirin, and let's applaud the incredible work of Richard McKinley (Oregon) and Sarah J. Webber from Tucson, Arizona.
It wouldn't be the Holidays if Patrick Antonelle's Central Park and Wall Street paintings weren't there, and guess what? They are! So are new creations by Thomas Kelly, Hanneke deNeve, and Cynthia Dawley.

"Street Jack," is a 17x21 oil on canvas by the outstanding Mercer County NJ painter, Louis Russomanno. This gifted artist has been compared to Hopper and his work brings much joy to the gallery, viewer, and collector alike. He is truly gifted.

So my Fellow Gallery Fans and Art Lovers.....this year my "Tip" to all of you is: "Buy the Gift
That Will Give Forever...a Piece of Original Fine Art."

See you at the Artful Deposit Gallery! We have gallery hours Wed-Sunday and appointments are easy! Just call me at 609 298 6970!

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