Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a great Friday night at the Gallery!!!!!

Hey all you Artful Deposit Fans and Friends...what a lovely "almost Spring" evening we had!
Lots of folks walking about the City, and stopping in and out of the galleries before
or after dinner. Perfect!!!!!
We set up the bistro tables, courtesy of my friend, Mary, (the owner of the HOB Tavern on the corner of Second and East Church Sts.) Look forward to the bistro tables throughout the upcoming months, as we encourage you to get take-out from your favorite B'town City eateries, and eat in front of the gallery! How fun and Artful! Call your order in or go to your venue of choice, and sit
by the gallery and relax and enjoy.....we welcome your company.
Here's a picture of my husband, Leon, and friend, Chris, and our friend/photographer, Ron Truch, who just delivered new works from Ocean City, NJ.

Hope to see you over the weekend...I'm psyched....I planted some pansies today!


Be Artful, cj

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