Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Gala, 2011

Winter Gala, 2011 was a Wonderful and Artful Day!!!! Big congrats to John Pierce, with his ice sculpture, Sleeping took John 5 hours as he braved the cold and high winds, but his
patience paid off....his lovely lady emerged from the ice to warm our hearts and dazzle our minds.

Big thank you to the gallery artists who delivered new and vibrant Winter works. And as always; I am humbled by the fabulous family, patrons, and friends who support the gallery and provide encouragement. With all of you, we do great things. I thank everyone from the depth of my heart, and please know, I feel grateful to have you all in my life......

This video says it all.....enjoy.



  1. Love the video! We'll be in to visit soon.

  2. For all those who attended, I thank you again. For anyone who wasn't able to attend this years Winter Gala, we hope to see you in the future. It truly was a day to remember. Thanks again to the brilliance and expertise of sculptor, John Pierce,
    and the help of my husband, Leon, and friends and family that came out to help celebrate the day....