Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Holiday Time in Union Square" by Cynthia A. Dawley

Here's to the Holidays and beautiful paintings with snowy landscapes, ice skaters, and New York
Cityscapes, such as this Union Square piece by Cynthia Dawley. This 20x24 original oil on canvas
is in a 6" custom wood molding, and a commanding painting such as this will create a visual presence in your home.....Cynthia was able to bring the viewer right into Union Square and you
become one of the Holiday shoppers among the poinsettias, wreaths, and evergreens.

Cynthia is one of the artists on permanent display at the Artful Deposit Gallery and stop by or call to discuss the pieces currently available for purchase. 609 298 6970

Hope you're having an Artful Day! and see you soon


1 comment:

  1. Wow! I just received word from a NYC client/collector that he'd like to put Holiday Time in Union Square in his collection....but, shhhhhhhhhhh! It may be a surprise Holiday Gift for his wife. I'm thrilled for this gentleman, Cynthia Dawley, and the gallery. It's a gorgeous piece, and what an Artful Start to this day!