Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello to All Artful Deposit Gallery Fans and Art Lovers,

I'm looking forward to your visit to the gallery either via our website at
or walking in the door at 201 Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown City, NJ!

I have been very fortunate to own and operate Artful Deposit galleries since 1986, and have built
what I believe to be one of the most powerful and important stables of artists in New Jersey.
Whether you're looking at the Expressionist works (in many different mediums) by Hanneke de Neve, to the pre and post-Parkinsons works by the acclaimed Joseph William Dawley (1936-2008), when you enter the gallery, I think you'll agree, "now, This is some Fine, fine art."

Recently, oil painter, Michael Budden (NJ), took part in a 20 person show organized through the
Salmagundi Club (NYC), commemorating the 400 year anniversary of the Dutch acquisition of
Manhattan. The 20 artists created twenty 36x72 canvases, each capturing a moment of time in New
York City. The show was displayed in 3 venues in the Big Apple, and then over to Holland.
Michaels intriguing and atmospheric painting of the Flat Iron Building, 1930s, graces the main
wall of the Artful Deposit Gallery, and viewing the piece can actually bring you back in time.
Come see this exceptional oil for yourself! I look forward to seeing you!

Enjoy your day, and may you make it an Artful One!


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  1. Just an update.....Mike Budden came in over the weekend and put the Flat Iron painting in its custom frame. Looks stunning. The piece would be
    perfectly placed in the foyer of a NYC office, bank, and would have a significant presence in the home. Stop by the gallery for a see/look. Itll
    be worth your while....cj