Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Artful Deposit Fans and Friends,

Just a reminder to Save the Date for the third and final seminar in the S.O.F.A Series on this
Sunday, September 12th, from 2- 4pm at the Artful Deposit Gallery, 201 Farnsworth Avenue.

Come hear some tips on building your Fine Art Collection and Art as an investment. Eric Gibbons
from the Firehouse Gallery, Martha Press from the Farnsworth Gallery, and myself will be on the
panel. Special thanks to Dr. Michael Skelly from Bordentown Heritage for sponsoring the S.O.F.A.
series. Please come join us!

As for today.....make it an Artful one! I started mine by walking down to the Crosswicks Creek and the Delaware River. Saw an amazing heron, and some hawks and crows....Picked up some
bottles and garbage from some litter bugs, and hope I did my small part for Mother Earth.

Hope to see you soon! cj

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