Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello Art Lovers and Artful Deposit Fans,

I just received word from nationally acclaimed painter, Richard McKinley that new works are
being "boxed up" for shipment from Oregon straight to the Artful Deposit Gallery. I can't wait
to see what amazing oils and pastels this amazing artist is sending our way!! I will be sure to
post immediately upon receipt of the works!!!! so you can plan a visit to the gallery asap, as Richard's
paintings sold out last time they were on display in the West Comes East exhibit in May, 2010.

I'm working on the October, 2010 taping of a new ARTFUL LIVING, and what a fun show this
will be.....For all the fans of Oliver, A Bistro, this episode will be for you! More to come as we
get closer to airing!

Mark your calendar for Sunday, September 12th, to join myself, Martha Press (Farnsworth Gallery), Eric Gibbons (Firehouse Gallery) and Dr. Skelly (Bordentown Heritage) for the 3rd
free Seminar on Fine Art. We will be at the Artful Deposit at 201 Farnsworth Ave., from 2 - 4pm
and our topic of discussion will be surrounding Living With Fine Art, and the investment aspects
of collecting....So save the date, and we hope to see you there!

Check out some art to Have an Artful Day!