Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello Art Lovers and Artful Deposit Fans,

It's a perfect overcast, Summer Sunday.......ummmmmm the perfect weather to go to some
galleries and museums and check out some amazing artwork! Let's see, where could you go
today? Well, of course, there's the Artful Deposit Gallery in Bordentown City! There happens to
be some amazing works in at present by the late Joseph William Dawley, his daughter, Cynthia,
Michael Budden, and Hanneke deNeve just delivered some sensational small works that make
you think early Holiday shopping!. Also, the striking animal portraits from
our Wyoming based artist, Sarah J. Webber, will melt you immediately.

While you're in town, you can visit Martha Press at the Farnsworth Gallery and of course, grab a bite at one of our
wonderful restaurants in town. We hope to see you later in Historic Bordentown City!

Don't forget! the Trenton City Museum in Cadawalder Park in the Ellarslie Mansion, Smithville
Mansion art gallery in Smithville, NJ, and Grounds For Sculpture are all open, too!

So, I'll be hoping to see you at the gallery later.....and Have an Artful Day!


that is around you!

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